Digital Driver Retention Solution

Your one-stop solution for the most critical issue facing the trucking industry - driver retention. DriverSync will help your company better engage your driver work force, improve retention and become a preferred destination for new recruits.

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Why DriverSync? Retaining drivers

Retaining drivers has become single biggest challenge for the trucking industry. According to ATA estimates, the industry is currently at 100% driver turnover, and the average cost of recruiting a single driver is approximately $6000.
DriveSync is a cutting-edge tool that provides immediate visibility to driver retention issues in real time. It puts you in sync with your driver work force and helps eliminate retention barriers, leading to better communication and a more engaged driver.

How DriverSync Helps provide observations and feedback

This App is a platform for drivers to provide feedback to their Fleet Manager and Company Management on problems they encounter, allowing the company to handle retention issues in real time. Rather than receiving a “quitting driver” email, retention issues are given immediate visibility and can be addressed 24/7.
This type of increased driver engagement allows for better communication with drivers, and ultimately gives drivers a higher level of satisfaction with the carrier. By analyzing the data that DriverSync generates,carriers can quickly identify the areas in their operation that negatively impacts retention.

What DriverSync Does Features We Provide

Instant Feedback

From drivers on day to day operations

Highlighting Issues

Based on Priority and Age

immediate resolutions

Based on driver feedback retention action plans can be implemented immediately

Automatic escalation

Issue automatically escalated if not resolved within allocated time-frame

Better Decisions

Improved tactical decisions based on real-time data

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